The very first Blog Post………


If you peeped in the “about” section then you somewhat have a feel for who I am, but if you’re lazy like me… well then I am still a stranger to you. This very first blog post is getting to know me, the purpose of my blog, and to see if you would like to tune in every week or every other day(depending on my level of procrastination, yes I am a procrastinator but we will save that for an entirely different post). So without further of due, I am Stephanie Taylor. For years I wanted to start a blog but procrastination got the best of me. Finally I have decided to make what should’ve happened years ago…happen today.*pats self on back* Currently I am in college pursuing my bachelors in neuroscience(all things surrounding the brain…yes I am quite the nerd if you were wondering).  I will be in my 3rd 1/2 year of college starting  this fall.  Originally I attended the illustrious Spelman college in Atlanta, Georgia *throws up the Spelman hand*. In the fall of 2016 I transferred to Michigan State University which was a culture shock but is surprisingly a great experience thus far. Many of you may wonder why I decided to transfer…and I think that I’ll wait and give the subject its own blog post. So what will this blog be about? Well I travel ALOT, I have a lot on my mind, I experience a lot of things, and want to capture every moment and share that with you guys! Also, I will have vlogs that are often linked to posts, I talk a lot so please bear with me. I will cover all things that a typical lifestyle blog covers. We will also have many discussions varying from relationships, school, transitioning to college, dating, Godly dating, traveling, makeup, fashion and much more so please do not be afraid to comment. This blog will literally cover everything because well I am interested in everything and like earlier, I have a lot to say!!! So please stay tuned and subscribe to my youtube channel( details will be up soon).#gettingtoknowme


Stephanie T

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