A weekend full of fun and many birthdays

So let’s start with Friday. On Friday I had the pleasure of attending a 21st birthday event which was super fun. The day was planned with many festivities. First an amazing dinner, where the food and drinks were amazing, then we attended a night club, and many people later attended the casino. The location for the birthday event was great. The birthday event took place in Windsor, Canada which was a lot of fun and featured a lot of excitement. For this birthday event, I stayed in an amazing hotel and was able to recuperate from the night of fun. As Saturday approached, I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy the day. Saturday featured my auntie’s  33rd birthday. Her theme was polo and she literally had decorations with polo on it. At the party everyone wore polo of course. Her birthday was a bbq style party and featured us doing the hustles and eating good food. Of course my family knows how to have a good time so we had a dj, drinks, and plenty of food. Her birthday cake tasted amazing as well and all of us left stuffed. Now on to Sunday………….MY BFF’S 20TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My best friend(12 years strong) decided to have a birthday dinner at Capital Grille. So for her birthday I decided to get her an amazing cake from love and buttercream too. The cake  turned out perfectly and was a surprise. Knowing it was her dinner and that I also had to have to cake there on time I tried my best to be punctual. So in my mind the dinner was at 5:30pm…..so of course I left home at 5:00pm and made it there a 5:20pm………..I was EARLY…a whole 40 minutes early to be exact. So I was able to help set up the perfect the table for her and make arrangements for the cake in the meantime but I had to sit at a table by myself for like 30 minutes which was lonely lol. After time had gone by everyone finally arrived and she ended up having an amazing birthday. Which was great because only the best for my bff lol. Below you can check out pictures from all three events.

Hope you enjoyed.


Stephanie T.


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