Gains, Gains, Gains, and more Gains

Dear readers,

I’m back!!!!!!!! I recently just started summer classes so my schedule has been hectic lately. I am so happy that I have finally found the time to start back blogging, so without further ado, todays blog is going to be about my bestfriend and I workout experience with an amazing personal trainer. So this summer my besftriend and I are all about gains. We want fitness gains, financial gains, spiritual gains, academic gains, we just want gains in all aspects of life.  So recently we decided to start with the fitness gains. We thought it would be a great idea to get a personal trainer and get in the habit of working out 5 days a week. After making this decision , we found a wonderful trainer and decided to start our week-long training session the Monday after My best friend’s birthday extravaganza(which was the monday of June 5th). So our first training session was set for 8 am Monday morning…….which we were late to because we aren’t morning people. In all honesty we probably should have picked a later time lol. So on monday morning, I woke up and took my 4 shots of apple cider vinegar, ate a light breakfast and headed to the gym to meet our trainer. While on the way there I figured the workout would be fairly easy for me because I was an athlete all throughout highschool and as a child…..Well unfortunately I was wrong! I nearly almost died in the first 30 minutes of our workout, mind you we still had an hour left. Within the first 15 minutes, Emani actually cried! Lets just say the cardio is no joke but became much easier after the second day. Before that moment I hadn’t fully realized that I was really out of shape, like I was literally breathing hard after just 2 minutes of woking out. For the additional hour we had left we worked on abs, arms, legs, and glutes. We didn’t focus on arms and legs/glutes on the same days, Marissa(trainer) had us alternate each day. All in all the workouts were amazing and we are able to see results after the first week! Along with the workouts we were required to do shots of apple cider vinegar as well as follow a nutritional plan that she had customized for us. All of her workouts were tailored to areas that we wanted work on. She is by far the best trainer I have ever worked out with. On a scale of 1 to 10 her rating is a 10. The prices are amazing which includes 30 dollars per week for college students, amazing group prices, and specials. Marissa currently has a fitness YouTube channel which I highly suggest you guys to check out as well as follow her on instagram: @marissaschuh . Below you can find Emani’s and I before and after pictures. If you want to see gains you have to earn them and put in the work, so if you need help or need a trainer make sure to contact Marissa via instagram as well as check out her youtube videos.


Stephanie T.

ps. a vlog about my workout journey will be coming soon so stay on the look out!


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