The Chicago Taste festival:


During July 5-7 I attended the taste Festival in Chicago, Illinois. Every year they host an annual taste festival that brings a lot of tourist to the city. This year I had the pleasure of attending the event and had an blast. It all started with my landing at the Chicago midway airport. The flight was only 45 minutes long from Detroit to Chicago. After landing I retrieved my luggage from baggage claim and got into a cab. The cab ride from the airport to my hotel was about 30 minutes long and cost $40 which wasn’t a bad price. The hotel I stayed at was the Marriot Magnificent Mile. My hotel was located on Michigan Ave so I was close to all of the shopping and only a mile away from all of the events and tourist hotspots. The location was perfect and I recommend this hotel to anyone visiting the windy city. The room was extremely nice and cozy as well as featured an amazing view of the downtown Chicago landscape. Now this was my 4th time traveling to Chicago but I only traveled there to shop and never got the full affect of the city. This time around I was determined to fully enjoy the city and have a blast. I was able to visit navy pier, sears tower, the taste festival, the bean, and so many more amazing locations. All of the food at the taste festival is very inexpensive and had a huge variety of food types. My favorite vendor their was the Harold food truck. Harold’s specializes in chicken and has an amazing sauce that they put on the chicken. Navy pier had nice food restaurants, rides, and attractions. the sears tower sky deck attraction was very fun and moderately priced. The wait was about 30 minutes but was definitely worth the wait.  While there I also made sure I shopped and found some great things and copped the most comfortable shoes from Nike. While there I walked ALOT! so if you go pack comfortable SHOES. Finally, I ate at a restaurant that was amazing so I must recommend it to you guys. the name of the restaurant is the Yolk, they specialize in brunch. Now I live for brunch so if you are a huge brunch person make sure you indulge. Hope you enjoyed the post and make sure to check out pictures from my trip below.


Stephanie T.

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