Let me start off by saying if you were not in Toronto for Caribana you truly missed out. Caribana was an amazing experience that I am glad to have been apart of. While planning our trip to Toronto we got started early. We planned and looked into different options for the trip and in May made our final decision. We decided to purchase a package deal from the Caribana website. The package deal allowed us to save money because with the bundle you get the hotel room and tickets to events. We stayed in Toronto for 4 days and 3 nights. With the bundle we were given 3 event tickets. The event tickets included 2 day parties and 1 night event. The day parties were fun minus the rain on the Friday event.

Despite all of the events, the parade was the best one. People lined up for the parade early in the morning into the late afternoon. The parade was so festive and vibrant. The best authentic food vendors were set up around the parade. The vendors featured curry chicken, jerk chicken, and rice &peas, I enjoyed every second of the parade. The music was amazing, the costumes were amazing, and the food was AMAZING!!!!!! Below are some pictures and videos from the parade.

Our hotel location was a bonus. We stayed in the Sheraton Hotel which is right across from the Eaton Center.The Eaton Center had prime shopping stores. I literally went there 4 different times just to shop. Our hotel was also surrounded by amazing eateries. So many wonderful brunch spots was near. Now I love brunch and always recommend brunch restaurants. If you are ever in the Toronto are please check out Eggsectation. The food is amazing. Below is a picture of my mazing omelette.

The nightlife in Toronto is amazing. They have wonderful bars and clubs that will succeed expectation. The clubs played amazing music and had amazing drinks. The legal drinking age in Canada is 19. I recommend everyone checking out the nightclub Cube.Also there is an amazing bar down the street from the Sheraton Hotel. They had amazing food(try the tacos) and mixed drinks.

All in all Toronto was amazing and Caribana was amazing. If you’re reading this definitely look into going next year. Also, make sure you research the purpose of carnival and the meaning of the celebration.


Stephanie T.



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