Hair Care For Naturalistas

Hello All,

I hope your 2018 is off to  great start.This year I have set many goals for myself, One of those goals being hair care. I use to use the Aphogee products back in the day but soon for some reason stopped buying them. They worked amazingly on my hair and always kept my hair healthy. After using the apogee products I stumbled across shea moisture products and began to buy their products. Well here I am wishing that I would have never given up my apogee hair care regimen. Lately, I have noticed a decline in my hair. I have only been using shea moisture products and noticed that well the products have not been working as well as they did the past. My hair has been so dry you guys, I could cry. I was having a hair care crisis and began to do research. After searching google I came across many people stating they have the same issue as well and that shea moisture has changed the formula to their products……..GO FIGURE………!!!!!!! No wonder my hair has taken a decline and has just been dull and lifeless. My curls has been lifeless and so has my blowouts. Even my hairstylist noticed the decline in my hair texture, softness, dryness, and overall behavior to hair styles. So I have decided to rekindle my relationship with aphogee products. I literally deep conditioned and used their leave-in conditioner (that I absolutely swear by) and have noticed the my hair looks 20x better already. You guys ditch the shea moisture products and purchase those aphogee products. Below is a picture of all the hair product staples that I swear by!


Stephanie THair products

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