Business 101

Hello readers,

I am back with another post. So let’s talk business. Recently this year I had many goals in mind and one was to start my own online business that main focus was… FASHION. I always loved dressing up, putting amazing outfits together, and well clothes in general. Fashion has always been a passion of mine so I decided to launch y own business that allowed me to pursue my passion.

Starting a business is not easy. You will need many resources which includes money, money, and more money. I say if you do not want to take out loans (the route that I went) then you must be smart with the use of your dollar. Finding a place to host your website can be the most costly next to actually buying the materials you need for your products. With my high and low search I have come across six being one of the most affordable routes for hosting your website and purchasing your domain and company mailbox. Six is very affordable and have amazing tools to construct an amazing website. Big cartel is also an option as well. Secondly, packaging is all the raves these days. Depending on your product I suggest poly mailers which are affordable and can be customized. This choice in packaging helps to keep cost low and can be very stylish and sleek. A deal breaker for people are packaging. I am a shopper whom judges a company and their quality solely based off packaging….. I know its weird but I like to know that my items were packed with care and not just thrown in a box. Thirdly, marketing is very important. Post cards and business card as well as flyers can be costly. I suggest vista print for any printing needs that you may have. They are affordable and the turn around time is pretty quick.

These tips above will help you have your business up and running in not time without breaking the bank so that you have more money available to invest in your products!!!!

I hope you found this helpful and as always shop shop shop at


Stephanie T.


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